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Games Projects
Potion Prodigy (2021)

I have spent the last year working on a 2.5 D point and click adventure game called Potion Prodigy. I have been working on this game since September 2020 and was released in May 2021. In this project, I am doing nearly everything myself, especially the 2D and 3D art assets. 

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Road De Versailles (2021)

This is a project I helped create for a game jam. The theme for this jam was road trip and my group was given the theme of Versailles, so we made a match-3 game themed around travelling to Versailles. My role in this jam was to create art and UI assets and we spent 2 weeks on this project.

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Little Trouble in Big Neo York (2021)

This is a project I made for my university coursework. The idea for this was to create a game that was more accessible to everyone, so we made a game where you only needed to use one button input at a time to play. We also used bright colours to make the game more accessible for colour blind people. My role for this project was producer and main artist and took about 3 months to make.

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Radiation Nation (2020)

This is a project I helped create for a game jam. For the theme, we had to create a game based off an image of how people in the 1800's would imagine the future. My role for this jam was producer and I did a couple concept art pieces and helped with 3D. We created this game over the course of 5 days.

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Alpha Papa Echo (2020)

This is a project I created in contribution to the Ludum Dare jam 46. Myself and two other people made this game in 3 days where my role was making UI and 3D models.

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Jungle Tumble (2020)

This is a project I helped create for a game jam . The theme of this game jam was "one button press" where we had to make a game using one button. This game was also designed to be implemented onto an arcade machine, which we got working after spending 5 days making the game. My role for this project was art director, where I was put in charge of overseeing a group of artists and also got to do some tile set elements as well.

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Far From Home (2019)

This was a project I made as a part of my university brief to make a 3D level from start to finish. I was in charge of all elements of making this game (with additional help with coding) which I made over a time period of 3 months.  

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